CONGRATS: This Brit Can Drive Baby, Yeah!

It took 20 driving instructors, £15,000, 12 failed tests, and 450 hours of tuition, but Teresa Clarke, of Wroxham, Norfolk, finally got her driver's license after 27 years of trying.

The Associated Press reports:

"It took a long time for it to sink in when I was told I had passed. I kissed the woman examiner, "said Mrs Clarke.

Mrs Clarke, who has yet to purchase a car of her own, puts her success down to an improved focus.

"My concentration is much better now - I don't drink coffee or tea anymore and have no additives," she said.

She said she tried not to think about how much time and money she spent on learning to drive.

"It was over so many years that I was able to spread out the money," she said.

"I've been through a lot of driving instructors because some of them kicked me out. But I was determined to pass and kept going."

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