ODD: 10 Strange Ways to Predict the Future

Mental_Floss had an interesting article about the 10 weirdest ways to predict the future.
Crystal balls and palm reading too mundane for your tastes?
Spice up your fortune telling shop by divining the future from the knots on a baby's umbilical chord!

Squeamish about all the blood? No problem! Just head on down to the local deli and pick up a block of cheese! Who knows what mysteries that age-old crucolo holds?

10 Weird Ways to Predict the Future

1. Anthropomancy - divination by the entrails of men.
2. Armomancy - divination by the shoulders of beasts.
3. Belomancy - divination by arrows.
4. Gastromancy - divination by stomach noises.
5. Gyromancy - divination by walking in a circle until the subject falls over from dizziness.
6. Myomancy - divination by movements of mice.
7. Omphalomancy - divination by knots on the umbilical cord.
8. Onychomancy - divination by fingernails.
9. Rhapsodomancy - divination by random selection of a line of poetry.
10. Tyromancy - divination by cheese.

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