On Jerry Oltion ..

If you've been reading Analog recently, you've probably stumbled across an Oltion story.
Oltion (prn. OL-tee-un) has a prestigious publishing record, with more than 100 stories and 15 novels to his credit over the last 27 years.
I found his two most recent Analog submissions to be delightful. A quick briefing:

"Foreign Exchange" - On Earth, if a person leaves their car doors open with the keys in the ignition, it's a safe bet that vehicle won't be around in the morning. So let's take that idea and extend it. What about all these fully-fueled pods NASA plans to leave on the moon and Mars? Say you're just passing through the Milky Way and your ship breaks down. You're stranded and lost. No communication. Minimal food. Hope seems to be fading until, to your unexpected delight, you spot a spaceship parked on the horizon. Approaching you find it mysterious. You open the door and there's food and water. And and a blinking red "launch" light. Would you push it? And where would the journey really be your salvation?

"The Jolly Old Boyfriend" - Old Saint Nick appears in a "unique" way for this funny holiday tale. Short and sweet with lots of coal and pepper spray. Coal and pepper spray? How ISN'T that a winning combination? Check it out.

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