On "beating" life ...

And allegedly replaying it on easy mode with full-powers:

Ce: An anonymous friend:

thetr****** (10:37:09 PM): so i met this kid with 72 guitars
thetr****** (10:37:17 PM): all strewn around his basement
thetr****** (10:37:55 PM): they're all vintage gibsons, fenders, and a bunch of taylor acoustics
thetr****** (10:38:22 PM): and he has 3 girlfriends and a wife.
thetr****** (10:38:39 PM): life just fell in his fat hands
thetr****** (10:39:00 PM): he's in a multitude of bands and has a stable day job as a programmer
thetr****** (10:39:26 PM): has It Made

Turns out the guy is actually a total slimeball* who loves manipulating people. He's a jerk. And an arrogant one to boot.

But, you know ... 72 guitars. There's something to that.

*See three girlfriends AND a wife.

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