SPACE: The Multiverse

Okay so let me try to explain this in a sentence.
Basically, there's an infinite number of yous and they're all reading this right now.
A shame, isn't it?
But take heart, there's also an infinite number of yous reading a blog that's doesn't suck, so all is not lost.
Anyway, that's pretty much string theory and the mutliverse in a nutshell.
It all boils down to this -- on a canvas with infinite space and a finite number of atoms, there's bound to be some repetition. In fact, there's bound to be a whole lotta of repetition.
And this repetition has spawned an army of doppelganger yous -- an infinite legion armed with every single one of your memories, experiences, thoughts and dreams. Then, of course, there's the infinite number of variations on you. (So take heart lovesick friends, in one universe you actually do get that dream girl or guy. Just not here, sorry.)
I'd encourage you all to go check out the radio lab podcast. Brain Greene, as always, is very lucid and clear in his explanation of this far out concept. It's a broadcast I've listened to at least a dozen times since downloading it over a year ago. And it's one I keep coming back to and learning from.
Next on the list of heady scientific topics to tackle: dark matter. It's basically the "air" pushing the balloon of the universe apart. Beyond that, I have no clue.

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