Radio: Living off the Grid & ZOMBIES!

Mark Perry and Doug Fine joined us on the show today.
We had some good discussions about what it takes to unplug electronics and live off the grid. Sure, it's a scary prospect, but not as complicated as you might think.
Heck, you can even have Internet!
At any rate, Mark's a really well spoken guy (who happens to be a genius with all things electric) and he had some great stories to tell about his homemade geodesic dome and his on-again, off-again 80 foot windmill. Long story short - it falls over. A lot.
Doug's a regular NPR contributor and is probably most famous for living out on the Funky Butte Ranch in New Mexico. He's a farmer and raises goats, chickens, ducks and mellow fisher cats, among other things. Okay I lied about the fisher cats, but if one environmentalist could raise them, I'd probably be him. He's that awesome.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow. We're christening it zombie day! Hooray!

We'll (hopefully) have two experts on Haitian Vodou joining us by phone.
And yeah, we'll be talking undead, but it's not all fun and games! This is going to be serious. Let's get to the truth about zombies. Does the puffer fish poison really work? Or is all that Wade Davis mumbo jumbo a whole lotta hoodoo? We'll find out!

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