Radio: Big Discussion on Handwriting Today

And I'm still not entirely sure what to think.
I mean yeah, having good penmanship is important, but I don't think the fact that we type more and more and write less and less will herald the four horsemen from the fiery depths of hell.
Or maybe it will, I dunno. It's a shame we don't have the nuns with rulers anymore. They could probably fight them off.
Anyway, let's face reality. Handwriting's not going anywhere any time soon. Kitty Burns Florey made some excellent points about that and Leigh Zeitz, who happens to run a blog all about this kind of stuff, summed up my feelings when he said it really all comes down to personal preference.
You like ink bleeding onto a crumbled piece of paper? Cool. Prefer the manic flow of ideas clipping along at 70wpm? Well, that's cool too, bud.
Personally, I'll stick with my computer.
Oh, and by the way, doesn't anyone call it "typing," anymore? What's with all this "keyboarding" business?

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