Whatever: You can read 3,000 words per minute!

If that really matters to you.
To me at least, one of the biggest appeals of reading is turning over every word. Actually spending some time with the text. Having fun with it. I mean reading is supposed to be fun after all, isn't it?
So I'm a little put off by this guy's implication that slow readers are somehow missing the boat. But there are definitely times when I've wanted to get some slab of deathless prose a lot quicker.
And this guy's advice is actually pretty interesting. Basically, you want to read in jumps, not straight lines. Track the jumps through focus points and, ultimately, synthesize all those focus points into a coherent take away thought for the paragraph.
But don't the details make the paragraph? Well, sure. They can. But there's lots of writing where the details really don't mean jack squat. So for that next TPS report ... I'm so doing this, man.

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