TV: Why I've been gone for three days ...

The short answer? I've been watching Heroes. And I can't stop.
It's taken me roughly a week to tear through season one and I'm loving every minute of it.
While I've never really followed the show in the TV press, some of my friends who are fans tell me it takes a bit of a nosedive in season three, but I'm not too worried. Even if the show was only 10 percent as good as season one, I think I'd still be entertained.
Anyway, before I get back to watching Hiro travel through time and Peter kick everyone's ass let me drop one quick short story recommendation:

"Three Leaves of Aloe" Rand B. Lee Fantasy and Science Fiction (Aug/Sept 2009) - Fun read about an Indian computer technician with a daughter who can't stop getting in fights at school. The Vice Principal's solution? Outfit the girl with an emotion inhibiting chip, but the simple task proves to be more dangerous than it seems when a relative recalls her troubled past with the technology ...
The story touches on a lot of stuff - from Buddhist ideals of supernal recognition of nonexistence
to bullying - and does it all it a fun sci-fi package. Very enjoyable.

And now, I return to the television. I promise I'll be back in better form next week!

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