TV: Sci-Fi network to become "Syfy" tomorrow ...

And after thinking about it, I've concluded it's a good move for the network.
Yeah, it's a PR grab, we get it. But that's not really a bad thing, is it?
Currently, the Sci-Fi network is commonly known for two things - Battlestar Galactica and B-rate monster flicks. And of the two, only one still stands. Hint: it's not Battlestar. And the misconception that the network airs nothing but crap (can't anyone remember their good shows? Taken, Mystery Science Theater, etc.) isn't really good for business.
Enter the "Syfy" brand. Billed as the hip, more-accessible side of science fiction, SyFy execs say the new station will now put more emphasis on well-written original programming filled with heavy doses of quirky humor.
Warehouse 13, a show about two Secret Service agents assigned to a fantastical factory in South Dakota, will be a perfect example of this, execs say. The series premiers tomorrow at 9/8c.
So let's hope there's something to this re-branding. With Caprica on the horizon and Stargate still running strong the network certainly has the tools to live up to their hipper billing.
Just one thing, don't cancel all the B-movies, guys. I need something to watch at 3 a.m. on Fridays.

What are your hopes for the new station?

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