Architects: Uh ... there's a UFO in my skyscraper ...

Dear Earth,

Sorry for the mess, but you have to admit it looks pretty cool.

Your loving alien overlords

As early as next year, Jakarta, Istanbul could be sporting two fancy new towers, which just happen to include possibly the coolest bridge ever -- an alien spaceship.

Skyscraper News reports:
"The rather futuristic design comes from local architects Urbane who have also mixed in a little of the more traditional into the design with the pattern on the upper levels of the towers facades by taking their cues from the patterns you see in some Javan textiles, a look that is specifically inspired by the Indonesian art form of Batik ...

"Adding to its futuristic look a sky bridge joins the towers just above half way, whilst not content with the usual dull covered walk way instead they have copied the shape of the pod structure in the podium added some long visible struts and ended up with a sky bridge that looks like a UFO has become wedged between the towers.
The tower will be mixed use and house offices in one tower whilst the other will have conference facilities, luxury hotel and top-notch condominiums. Probably there will be space for fun stuff such as pool, gym and maybe even the odd shoe shop. If all goes according to plan the towers could be up and running by 2010."

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