Cyborg: Bionic eye partially restores man's sight!

Alright kiddos, time to break out the shotguns, the Augments are coming!

The BBC reports
a 73-year-old man by the name of "Ron" had his eyesight partially restored thanks to an "artificial retina" that sends coded electrical impulses directly to his brain.

Pretty awesome, eh?

The catch is Ron needs to wear a pair of spectacles that pick up visual inputs through a small camera and wirelessly relay the data. Despite the device's bulk, however, Ron apparently couldn't be happier. After 30 years of blindness, the man can now differentiate varying shades of light and even sort his own socks by color.

Researchers say the technology still needs to be significantly improved, but add they are confident that within 50 years, such technologies will enable the blind to read print publications!

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