BSG: "HUSKER" goes commando

No, this isn't a debate over whether everyone's favorite "soft touch" commander Bill Adama wears undergarments or not (I'm assuming in the future no one does ...), but I must say the old man was pretty awesome (i.e. looney/obsessive) during Friday night's episode of Battlestar Galactica.

In all honesty, this show just manages to keep getting better and better ... this week's episode introduced some pretty big plot changes and the writers are managing to make the transitions smoothly and without introducing a dozen other questions for every character alteration. Take note LOST -- keep it simple for frak's sake!

The highlight of the episode for me was most certainly the appearance by Romo Lampkin (brilliantly portrayed by Mark Sheppard) who may or may not be a crazy cat guy, but still is, in my best estimation, a prime suspect for the mysterious "final cylon."

I'll admit that it's looking less and less likely with some of the odd behavior of our bigger characters, but I'm still going to stand by it ... there's something fishy about this cleptomaniac lawyer.

Consider how during his first appearance the guy comes out of virtually nowhere, lands an audience with the president defending Gaius Baltar-- who later becomes some sort of religious cult head after his acquittal -- all the while four of the final five "awaken" along with all the raiders, and Romo somehow manages to convince Lee to leave his job and enter into a career in politics.

Lo and behold Romo's back again Friday night and following some sharp double talk and a tense "stick em up" moment with Lee, everything gets shaken up again!

By the end of the show we've got an unhinged Adama floating in space with a book, a Cylon in command of the fleet and everyone's favorite boytoy Lee Adama as acting president!

Can we say puppetmaster anyone?

I guess time will tell...

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