OMG: I'm not dead

Praise you Lord Raptor Jesus!

Yeah that's right, I'm back and while I'm not exactly pulling a Jesus and returning from the underworld ... I have been quite busy in recent days and just haven't had the time to post.

Okay, strike that, I've had ample time to post, it's just that I'm writing all day at work and when I come home the motivation is, well ... lacking.

At any rate, there's been some interesting stuff in the news lately. Did you know the always accurate Daily Mail has some incredible pictures of one of Earth's last uncontacted tribes firing arrows at some anthropologist paparazzi scum?

Well they do! Based on these pictures, I'm thinking I totally want to go in there to experience Cannibal Holocaust firsthand. Either that or send in some indestructible Mars Rover-like device to study them live and in all their painted glory.

Alrighty-then ... I'll be back tomorrow with MOAR about the LOST season finale (hopefully), but until then saddle up and get ready for a new episode of BSG tonight at 10/9c kiddies!

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