Maybe ducks do stand-up comedy too ...

I stumbled upon a flock of ducks today. Rather oddly arranged ...
One duck was front and center, aligned evenly between what appeared to be an enraptured audience of about 12-15 mallards.
They'd formed a striking half crescent around the head duck. It was quite pretty.
So I stopped, to, you know, observe this.
Anyway, the boss duck was quacking, in what I now assume to be the set up for some kind of duck joke, which I (not being able to decode the varying cadences and pitches of quacks) could not understand.
But the duck is really selling this thing. It's like 15 seconds of solo quacking. And no other mallards are making a peep. They're all really focused.
Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it seemed like Mr. Speaker Duck was building his volume as he spoke. Some sort of fiery quacking-crescendo. Building, building, building ...
Until he stopped cold.
And there was silence.
The audience looked on for a fraction of a second and I noticed what could only have been a shared flicker of recognition settle upon the duckies.
And then ... incredible quacking! All of them at once!
Duck applause? Duck laughter?
Well, sure ... why not, right?
Of course, maybe I'm misinterpreting things. For all I know, this could have been a mallard hate rally aimed at taking the reservoir back from the encroaching Canadian geese.
Whatever. I still think it was a stand-up routine.
I just hope they weren't making fun of me ...

But, weird, whatever it was, yeah Internets?

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