An aside about 'Stichpunk' ...

So we did the whole Steampunk thing on WNPR today.
It went really well. But several of our listeners raised an interesting point - just what the heck is it with all this "-punk" stuff lately?
Steampunk, well, I mean that's okay. They've been around since the 1980s, after all. As far as these memes go, that's like ancient, man.
And Steampunk's pretty well established in both literature and art. So that's cool. Cyberpunk? Same deal, I'll let it slide. They actually predated the whole Steampunk thing and kind of inspired the name. Good job, cyberpunk dudes.
But Stitchpunk? Really?
And I didn't even know Dieselpunk existed, but apparently it totally does.
I guess my big question is this -- Should we be taking all this stuff seriously? Will anyone actually point to 2009 as the year "Stitchpunk" came into vogue? Or is this stuff all going to be forgotten in a few months?
9 is sorta under performing, after all ...
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