Books: Monday Musings

I know, "Monday Musings" doesn't have the same cowboy vibe as "Friday Roundup."
But go with me here ... I'm performing a public service, after all.

"To Climb A Flat Mountain," G. David Nordley - Analog, November 2009 - Starts off as your typical crash survivor on a mysterious world story, before changing into your typical crash survivor on a really mysterious world story.
It's a decent (if overplayed) premise, but Nordley does a commendable job at building a freaky world that's pretty darn engaging. And the mystery for the first few chapters is really well parsed out. It's a page turner.
Then Nordley introduces our hero to a bunch of other survivors and it gets ... well ... I'll let you be the judge.
Give the story a try. It's the first section of a two part serial, the conclusion to be released in December.

"Joan," John G. Henry - Analog, November 2009 - Ever looked up to someone in history? Wondered what it would be like to meet with them? Would you make a new BFF or just another frenemy?
Being a history nerd, I think a lot about this stuff.
In "Joan" we get to live out that fantasy, traveling back in time as Kate, a young woman obsessed with the legend of Joan of Arc.
The story goes something like this: girl meets girl. Girl saves girl from death at the stake by tossing a few flashbangs. Girl takes girl on ride through countryside whilst killing the British.
You know, it's your basic medieval romance.
Bottom line: It's a bit long, but the ending (kinda) makes it all worth it. The conclusion of "Joan" was one of those "well I feel pretty good for having read all of this" kind of moments.
And that's never a bad thing. Check it out.

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