WHATEVER: Cleaning up does have its benefits ...

Turns out I was able to CoinStar $160 from the loose change gathered while cleaning this weekend.
I'm still working on uploading somewhere in the range of 3,000 songs from CDs to my computer, however, so I've been pretty bogged down here today. It's a shame iTunes can't rip two discs at once (I do have two CD drives, after all). If anyone has any suggestions for how to expedite this extremely tedious process, I'm all ears.

Anyway, enjoy these stories:

Scientists prove vampires can not, I repeat, can not exist. Thanks guys.

Star Trek sequel talks are already in the works ...

He's been dead 36 years, but ZOMBIE TOLKIEN is still releasing new books ...

Popmatters: "The Geeks Have Inherited the Earth" (With extreme photoshop goodness).

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