Video Games: Summer Releases 2009

It's looking like a slow summer for PC gamers.
I guess that's not entirely bad news, since we could, you know, go outside, but I'm still kind of bummed that there's only a handful of games coming out that I could actually give a damn about.
Before you pop in your old copy of Oblivion, however, let's have a look at a few potential mid-year gems:

The Sims 3, June 2 - Can't manage your own life? No problem! Take control of a virtual family and prosper in the third iteration of the best selling PC franchise of all time.

Spore: Galactic Adventures, June 23 - Certain parties would have you believe Spore was EA's biggest letdown of 2008, but the execs certainly aren't viewing it that way. The game's moved more than 3 million copies since its debut and is shaping up to be Electronic Arts' next big serialized cash cow. Remind you of the early days of The Sims, anyone? Let the consumer milking begin!

Street Fighter IV, June 30 - Boasting relatively modest system requirements, the acclaimed console remake of the long established arcade series lets you take control of classic characters such as Ryu and Sakura from the ease of your PC. Online multiplayer will be enabled, but you'll probably have to buy a controller to keep up. Luckily, it appears they will bundle the game with one.

Bionic Commando, July 28 - Another summer CAPCOM release, Bionic Commando updates the classic arcade and NES platformer. It was released today for the Xbox 360 and is getting the so-so reviews thus far.

Wolfenstein, July 28- - Look ma! Another re-make! The sequel to 2001's Return to Castle Wolfenstein, "Wolfenstein" sends players into the heart of the Reich to investigate evidence of the Nazi's new, mysterious power. Groan. At least the music should be good, composer Bill Brown is working on it.

Tropico 3, August 2009 - Highly anticipated spin-off of the hugely popular politics and city building video game, Tropico. Creators say this rendition will return to the roots of the series, allowing players to take on the role of "El Presidente" and ruthlessly govern over a banana republic.

For more summer releases, bounce on over to IGN.com.

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