LOST: Grab your torches and pichforks

It's time to kill Jacob.
That's pretty much the extent of what I got out of last night's episode. Oh, and that whole hydrogen bomb thing with Jack, that's pretty cool.
Still, I'm left asking the question all of us devoted Lost fans have been pondering for several years now, "Who the heck is this Jacob guy, anyway?"
Not surprisingly, it seems many of the characters on the show are just as clueless as we are. Sure, Richard "Maybe He's Born With It/Maybe It's Manballine" Alpert might have some clue, but according to some pretty heavy hints last night, Jacob may not even exist ...
Locke seems to believe pretty strongly the whole thing is a sham (OMG he's the skeptic now -- Lost I see what you did there ... ) and he makes his doubtfulness pretty clear after accusing Ben of faking all his "visions" of Jacob. An accusation Ben can only reply to with a stunned (and uncharacteristically disoriented) silence.
So who is Jacob? And what's his role on the island? I'm doubtful we'll find out all the answers in next week's two hour finale "The Incident," but here's hoping at least some questions are addressed. Oh, and it'd be really cool if Sayid had to disarm the nuke. Just sayin'.

Other random thoughts from last night's episode:
-So happy to see Sayid "TOR-COO-RAAAH" Jarrah back on the scene. If there's going to be a nuke kicking around in the season finale, Sayid better damn well be involved.
-Jin and Sun better reunite already. I'm feeling bad for the poor couple! Also, rest in peace "Jinglish," we hardly knew ye. (Yeah, I know it officially died like 12 episodes ago, but I never paid my proper respects.)
-Kate, Kate, Kate -- why am I just so uninterested in you now? The whole fugitive thing is boring and making her the odd girl out in every love triangle (or quadrangle as the case may be) is just getting old. I'm not digging her as the foil for our new "man of faith" Jack, either. And now she's back with Juliet and Sawyer on the sub? *Groan.*
-Radzinsky is a total dick. Surprisingly, Phil is an even bigger dick.
-Horace doesn't know how to handle any volatile situation. That is, of course, unless backwards chairs, some dank weed and a "circle of trust" are involved. He needs to sack up and face down Radzinsky. That's one showdown I'd absolutely love to see in next week's finale.
-Miles and Dr. Chang had a father son moment! Bonus: It turns out Dr. Chang isn't the huge ass that we all thought he was, he's actually an OK Dad! One set of Daddy issues resolved, five dozen more to go.
-The scene with Hugo and Dr. Chang was hilarious. I was really hoping someone would ask Hugo who the president was!

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