WHATEVER: Bacon, zombies and the apocalypse

I'm feeling rather lousy today, so I won't be around much to post. If you absolutely need to stay connected to me (and I have zero illusions that you actually do), I'll probably drop in occasionally on Twitter.

For now, enjoy a few quick links:
-The Telegraph reports bacon sandwiches are a surefire way to cure a hangover. Nice.
-It's rainy and springtime, but zombies can't tell time, so why not celebrate the 12 Days of Zombie Christmas in April? (Disclosure: Tor.com actually posted these in December, I just never got around to linking them. Regardless, I standby my statement about the flaws of zombie time perception.)
-I didn't do that much reading this week (outside of a few back issues of Asimov's), but one recent pickup I'm enjoying is Wasteland: Stories of the Apocalypse (2008, Night Shade Books). It's an anthology of -- you guessed it -- apocalypse stories. Some are fun and outlandish and some are shockingly real. If nothing else, I'd recommend checking it out at your library. Zombie fans need not apply, however. The editor, John Joseph Adams, discloses in his introduction that he's saving that anthology for another time. (Update: This book is actually already out. And I almost bought it. Don't know how I missed that!)
-Finally, how awesome is that bacon-zombie picture? Check out the T-shirt at Redbubble.com.

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