LOST: The Variable

Lost (ABC 9/8c) will make history tonight with its 100th episode, but will the escalating tensions between Dharmaville, "Jack n' his crue" and the uppity others finally be resolved?
There's just sooo many variables, man. How's it all gonna shake out?
Luckily, we've got zany genius Daniel Faraday to help us out!

Some hopes for tonight:
1. Daniel explains how to get out of the 70s and back to Locke and Ben's time.
2. Someone says "No, we can die in the past" at least once.
3. Jack cries (although that's pretty much a given).
4. Richard "Manscara" Albert unleashes hell on Horace's camp. Bonus points for using Smokey.
5. They explain more about this "What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue" business.
6. Lots of explosions! LOST has been sorely lacking these lately.
7. LONGBALL PREDICTION: A major character dies. I want to say that it's going to be Desmond, but I'll be seriously distraught if that's the case. Why can't they just kill off Kate and finally put the whole Sawyer/Juliet/Jack/Kate love quadrangle to rest?

In the meantime, check out Ryan McGee's "100 Things I Love about Lost" essay, TV Overmind's "Top 100 Scenes from 5 Seasons of Lost," and these snazzy pictures from the 100th anniversary cast party in Hawaii.

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