LOST: Clippity Show Tonight

Just a reminder, tonight's Lost (ABC 9/8c) will be a clip show aimed at getting some of the casual viewers up to speed with this hectic season (good luck with that).
In the meantime, check out last week's episode recap for "Some Like it Hoth" over at the Ack Attack.

A brief recap of what I liked about last week's episode:
-Miles and Hurley!
-Kate screwing up everything possible with Roger Workman!
-Jack pissing all over Roger Workman in the classroom. (Did you catch all that Egyptian jazz on the blackboard he was erasing?)
-Everyone having daddy issues. Seriously, every character on this show has daddy issues. It's amazing. How their families are all so universally dysfunctional is becoming more of a mystery than the Island itself.
-Seeing that bad wig on Marsha Thomason (Naomi) yet wondering how she still managed to look hot.
-Miles talking to dead people!
-And last but not least, Horace's hippy circle of trust!

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