Scary: Ipod touch combusts, world's worst nerdgasm ensues

When the next shipment of iPod Touches arrive at your local tech outlet, keep your eyes peeled for the following warning: "May cause pants explosion."

Okay, yeah I know it's been doing that for Apple fanboys for months now anyway, but I'm talking actual explosions, not nerdgasms here folks.

Ars Technica reports the mother of a child living in Cincinnati, Ohio is suing Apple for negligence after an iPod touch allegedly spontaneously combusted in her son's pocket.

According to reports, the child was sitting in class and started feeling some heat coming from his pants. As this was English class with crusty Ms. Stevens and not bio with hot Ms. Beasley, however, the kid knew something was amiss.

Yeah - like his pants were actually on fire. Scary. We're still waiting word on whether or not he lied about his homework. Anyway, he got 2nd degree burns and the family wants $150,000 in damages.

Good job Apple.

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