FUTURE: What do the next decades hold for computing?

Check out this cool video to get a glimpse of what Microsoft is marketing as their future vision for world computing. Seems to me like our descendants love their touch screens, wireless interfaces, touch screens and er ... touch screens. Hey, the iPhone's pinch feature is really cool, so shut up.
Microsoft also seems to think real time translation matrices are going to get pretty huge. Probably accurate. Transparent screens would be a wonderful addition to future societies as well. Actually, those probably aren't that far off -- in case you didn't know it, they already exist.
So cool video, whatever. Did anyone else notice the pot shot they seemed to be taking at Amazon though? Everything in this video is computerized (including the freaking walls) yet here's a lady on a plane still reading a paperback book. Tough break Kindle, the future has no room for you!

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