CREEP: "I'm gonna get her some flowers and ask her to marry me"

Videogum had a nice pickup this morning from the New York Daily News's Web site.

The video shows a bunch of Miley Cyrus fans huddled outside an NYC bookstore waiting for some face time with the teen idol. It takes a weird turn, however, when Georgia resident Mark McLeod shows up.

Dressed like he's about to trek the Yukon on a dog sled, the forty-something McLeod seems to get weak in the knees at the simple suggestion of being near Miley. He happily tells reporters he plans on proposing to her when she signs his copy.

Yeah, OK. Pretty run of the mill fandom, whatever.

But when he casually mentions how she secretly communicates to him through pictures ... things start to get a little weird.

Whether or not the folks who edited this news report realized they were enabling this stalker or just figured they'd keep McLeod in the reel because he was hilarious (probably the latter), I'm not sure, but fast forward the video to 1:10 to get to the good stuff.

Heck, maybe the video editor was a Radiohead fan ...

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