You know when a bunch of four-year-olds sit in rapt awe through an entire movie (including the credits), that you've got a hit on your hands.

And WALL*E is just that, a hit, in the truest sense of the word.

My first impressions are this is the best Pixar movie to date (and I loved Ratatouille and Toy Story). The visuals are amazing, the story is surprisingly gripping and the music is perfect (review to come on that in a few days).

I'm constantly floored by how Pixar can take the simplest of ideas (i.e. a lonely robot, a rat who wants to be a cook) and transform them into living, breathing plot lines touching on some of the most complex human emotions possible.

WALL*E is one of those refreshing movies that proves there still is some creative genius left in the increasingly stale world of Hollywood.

Oh and did I mention Fred Willard makes two cameos? Check out the preview below, or go to the official site to see it in high quality.

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