INTERNETS: "Logging off" IRL needn't be so traumatic ...

When you can send e-mails from beyond the grave!

"Posthumous e-mail services are an example of what has been described as the 'transcendence industries,' enterprises that ... allow you to leave vital posthumous instructions for family and friends concerning such things as funeral arrangements, financial records, estate details, and insurance plans.

[These services] also address the intricate netiquette of virtual relationships, since, as Wrafter points out, “many people now have more friends online than off.” This service considers the posthumous needs of the techno-savvy, habitu├ęs of MySpace, LiveJournal, Flickr and other community-based sites, as well as online gamers who can spend years building up an in-game personality and maintaining virtual relationships. “People know you, engage with you, expect your presence. Suddenly you are gone. It’s inexplicable,” says Wrafter.

Interesting. Maybe by the time we are all old bags our wills will all be done electronically, that's a tad creepy.

I'll tell you what I would like to see, however -- old grandmas writing gold-digging daughter-and-laws out of the will and posting the videos on YouTube.

Now that would be entertaining.

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