BSG: Bald chief and an upcoming hybrid meet and greet!

A few things of note that stood out to me during tonight's episode:

1. I was so glad the writers finally gave Helo some latitude with his dialog! I always knew him going off on someone would be awesome ... and guess what, it totally was!

2. Anders' arms are getting out of control. Let me be the first to ask the uncomfortable question-- is he on the juice? Y/N/M????

3. How come whenever people go crazy on TV (i.e. TYROL) they shave their head?

4. Gaius just gets more and more awesome each episode, but was he was being sincere with the Chief?

5. The whole Kara/Leoben thing just gets better and better ...

6. Hybrid meet and greet next week!

Battlestar is famous for leaving us hanging, but this week is going to be torture!!!

Here's a one-minute recap of the episode:

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