LOST: Chatty chat chat chat with Ben Linus

Ain't It Cool posted an interview with LOST's Michael Emerson today.

Among some of the highlights are Emerson's insights to the "binary" nature of the island, and that everyone, including our beloved John Locke, will "pay a price."

Also included are some fascinating insights into the evolution of Emerson's character, including how he approached his role on the show as Henry Gale transformed into Benjamin Linus -- leader of the others.

"I think they are going into some mind bending new surprising directions. I am liking the evolving idea. Let’s say that Ben was able to manipulate the smoke monster, but on the show everything is a binary system, everything is in balance, morally balanced or economically balanced, so for Ben to make a thing happen like that, there is also a price, I think, that he had to pay. We don’t know what Ben paid yet to make the smoke monster come. We don’t know that he… “Is he allowed to do that?” and everyone who has power also pays a price. John Locke is going to pay a price. Ben has paid a price… Nothing is for free in terms of power or morality on the island and I’m beginning to see that the writers are more interested in that pattern, too, of this living ledger book system."

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