Inevitable: Online contest gone wrong -- Mets cry foul

By now were all more than familiar with the famous (if somewhat tiresome) internet phenomenon known as "Rickrolling."

The joke's becoming so well-known, even the producers of YouTube "Rickrolled" their audience at the start of this month in an April Fool's Day gag, which did succeed in injecting a little life into this increasingly stale video.

This week, however, the joke took on a whole new light when over 5 million users spammed the New York Mets fan forum, casting ballot after ballot to make the 80s superstar's legendary brand of pop the team's new theme song.

Not surprisingly, Mets' insiders are crying foul.

"Embarrassed sources say the club will NOT abide by the final vote.

There will now be a ‘run-off’ where the top six songs, including Never Going To Give You Up, will be played on consecutive days.

The one drawing the loudest response will win.

A source inside the club said: 'That damn song was an April Fool’s joke. The fans didn’t choose it. We were hijacked.'

He added: 'This is the way we’re going to do it now. And let me tell you, the Astley tune is not going to win.'"

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