Fabulous: Flipping burgers never looked so good

McDonald's restaurants throughout the UK made an odd announcement last week -- world-renowned fashion designer Bruce Oldfield has been working over the past several months on redesigning their age old iconic uniforms -- yay!

He released the designs last week and while they just don't seem utilitarian enough for my tastes, at least customers can take some solace knowing employees will have to work harder to contaminate their food with bodily fluids from below the equator.

"Dude this dip%$^& customer wants it with mayo man!"
"I'll give him some $%^&%&* mayo! Just let me undue my bolero jacket and move this sarong skirt outta the way ... "

Yeah, something like that ...

"Bruce Oldfield, who boasts Catherine Zeta Jones, Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall and Jemima Khan among his client list, has created a range for the fast food giant's 67,000 UK staff.
The collection includes a black and mocha polo shirt, black cargo-style trousers, a black and mocha baseball cap and black belt and apron."

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