Exciting: The Office returns

Finally! New episodes of the Office are back and things seem to be returning to normal as the last remnants of the writer's strike wear off.

Now we'll just have to wait two more weeks for the return of LOST and all will be right in TV land.

USA Today had a good article about the Office's return, which can be viewed here.

It appears as if Michael will be a hosting a dinner party, but look out for Dwight, who's bound to have a chip on his shoulder when he finds out he wasn't invited and his love interest Angela is going with the obnoxious Andy (oh the drama!)

"It's an evening of dinner and games, and it is cringy and uncomfortable because Michael and Jan get in one of those passive-aggressive fights … where you're fighting but you say it all with a smile on your face," says Jenna Fischer, whose receptionist Pam attends the dinner with boyfriend/colleague Jim (John Krasinski).

And that doesn't even account for the fury of Dwight (Rainn Wilson), who is left out of the couples-only dinner party, while his ex, Angela (Angela Kinsey), attends with another Office mate, Andy (Ed Helms).

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