Confirmed: LOST adds extra hour to season finale

A three episode finale!!!!!

Here's hoping for a healthy dose of "WAAAAALT!" with a side of general pwnage by everyone's favorite paraplegic John Locke!

According to TV Guide's story, ABC execs lined up the first hour to air in one month on May 15.

Following part one, LOSTITES will have to wait two weeks, until May 29, when the last two episodes will air together!

"'We are very excited and grateful to [ABC president] Steve McPherson for working out the scheduling difficulties to allow us to make the second part of our finale two hours,' says exec producer Carlton Cuse. 'Damon and I were working on the script and we just couldn't get it all done in one hour without shortchanging the story. Now the finale will have all the sweep and emotional completeness we wanted it to have — along with, of course, answering who's in the coffin.'"

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