Bizarre: Stalking priest apologizes to Conan O' Brien

Remember that crazy priest-stalker who was trying to hunt down Conan O'Brien late last year?

He apologized yesterday, and the courts only slapped him with a two year restraining order.

Still, a guy's gotta stalk, and with this Holy Joe's fixation on Irish celebs one can only wonder who he'll obsess on next.

Liam Neeson? Mia Farrow? Ronald McDonald? The list is endless ...

For those who don't remember, he's a snippet from the spiffy court document linked on The Smoking Gun.

"In his notes to O'Brien, Ajemian allegedly referred to himself as 'your priest stalker,' and when he was denied entry to a taping, Ajemian wrote, 'Is this the way you treat your most dangerous fans?' In his bizarre letters, Ajemian refers to John McEnroe as his "childhood nemesis," claiming that the tennis star once assaulted him while they were seventh grade classmates at a Manhattan private school. Ajemian added that he 'once went after' McEnroe and was 'still waiting for his confession as well.'"

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